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Lighthouse Counseling Services 

-Arno Profile System (APS) Report:

The Arno Profile System (APS) is an in-depth counseling model known as Creation Therapy that breaks through barriers to determine the inner man rather than the outer manifestations or problems. The APS is extremely accurate, insightful, and will assist you to understand "Who God," created you to be.

-Initial Counseling (Flat Fee Rate) with APS Report:

This fee is usually charged for your first or initial counseling "Session One." During the first session, your counselor, who is trained and qualified in a therapeutic technique called "Creation Therapy," will provide you with an Arno Profile System (APS) Response Form. This is not a test. The APS form is simply a series of questions, which will help your counselor identify your inborn temperament. This will provide your counselor with a clear "photography" of you and some of the things you are experiencing.

-Hourly Consultant Charge (per session):

Session-By-Session Counseling Care (five average sessions)

Professional Christian counseling where Scriptural truths, biblical-spiritual practices, and Christian values are genuinely incorporated into our clinical practice, theoretical orientation, and professional life. Sessions have a basic structured plan, systematic approach, and therapeutic method. Counseling sessions with the utilization of Creation Therapy and the Arno Profile System Response (APS) tool. For more detail see URL link:


Consultation Services

(Consultants for Christian Education Programs – CCEP)

-Consultant Proposal/Phases I through VI (Retainer Fee):

Consultation services are relevant to Christian Counseling and Education programs.  These consultation services rendered are customized, methodical, and strategic based on the client's or entity's needs and established goals.

-Hourly Consultant Services:

Hourly consultant services fees are relevant to charges that go beyond the retainer fee or for any consultation services encompassing one hour of rendered service.


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